Game publication on a library website

Good morning,

I have been asked to publish my game on a library’s website. I have my own companie (L’aube étoilée)
How should I do ? knowing that I was going to think about the game link but it is only valid for 7 days.

So the solution is to do by html5 file? or another idea that I don’t have in mind
Also I have to send it by email

Thanking you.
L’aube étoilée

That may depend on whether the web site can host your game in HTML5 format. Is there an option to upload zipped HTML5?

For them I don’t know because it is a library. In being I put itch io then I took the link to share. In addition, they asks me for the link of the ios publication that I already have.
Thank you for your help
Is there contractor support here?
If you need more specific help, for example.
(I created my own game company, and I have already published two games on IOS with 0 IT knowledge which was not my domain but one I need to run my company and support…)
Where i can find this here if you know.