Game too easy for me

Just wondering as the first game I built I found way too easy but a few people that played it said it was hard to avoid the enemies.
So what I was thinking is did I find it easy as I built it so to check everything was working fine I would play the level a few times to make sure all platforms could be reached and the enemies could be easily jumped over.
So I guess playing each level a few times taught me of the best times to jump and the best pattern of jumps to do.
I mean the game in the end took me about 2 and a half minutes to beat 100% all items picked up but a lot of players quit after failing level 2.

Hi Bonzilles-Games

This is an interesting topic. I hope other people hop in here but I would say that it’s almost certainly true that your testing of your game is not going to reflect other people’s experience. You made the game, you have knowledge and interest in the genre and you know what to do.

You don’t know how much experience or interest other people have in your game genre, eg. platformer. So it’s difficult to know whether they don’t play well because it’s too hard or they (me) just don’t have the background platformer awareness that your target audience has.

If you want to reach a wider audience to get feedback, you could try this. I haven’t used it but stumbled across it a while back. But of course, with a name like that, be ready for people to be negative.

UPDATE, I just realised that the Destroy my game page is for people to judge a gameplay video of your game so that’s not helpful at all, sorry.

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Like what Bubble said, other players will have different skill levels and experience in your game’s genre.

That and the fact that you will always be good at your game, since you are the developer, you’re going to want someone else to play your game like a family member, friends, random people, etc.

Agree with above. I just finished a game I worked on for almost 2 years, and just KNOWING about all the ins and outs, I could never replicate what a brand new player experience is. I had others test it, and watched some as they played, and was able to work out some bugs along the way just because they did things in the game I never would have even thought of, because to me, what would the point have been to do those crazy things.? Also, if kids may play, try and get a real, live kid to play it, as an adult you just can’t replicate that experience.
It was really helpful to have the other insights and adjust certain aspects that I had bumped up too high because I literally could play this game in my sleep by the time I was done. I do hope I did enough tweaking on it, but not over-tweaking- as I forked out the $100 for Steam, so will find out in about 10 days if it is really any good out there in the world!