Game won´t work on certain Android Devices

Hello everybody,
I wanted to release my game now. But I have a major issue !

At the beginning of the game, there is an info button, if you press this, a Guide text should appear (all in German sorry) If I test the game in GDevelop everything works just fine, but if I play it on my Android device, then no text appears. On the other Hand te text appears to a friend on his Android phone (we definitely used the same apk). I’ve checked everything … I just can not find the mistake, im drowning here :confused:

If i build a .exe file it also works just fine …

It´s realy a pain in the Ass because in General the Game is finished and i want to share it.
But I want to be absolutely sure that it works. Can anybody help me here ?
It´s a minor issue that ruin the whole Game -_-

I provide a ZIP folder with the Projekt:

(thats the .json to go for > “Beerboi_19092019_Gemäßimplementierung”)
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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What about the network preview?
Is that guide on a different scene, layer, or…?
Can you share a screenshot of the events that deal with that button and guide?
And can you confirm the Android version of your phone?

Thank you for your fast responde.

I never used the Network preview, i just did, and there is the same Problem … but what does that mean ?
The Guide is on the Main Layer of the Scene, i just changed the “Z-Order” (Do i have to put it on a extra Layer?)
The Version of my Android is 9
Here is a Screenshot of my Events and the Guide screen:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Can you run in network preview and open the debugging tool from your browser ?
I see this error “WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost”
Your game need optimisation.
Really, you have 153 sprites with 1243x2500px

I see a lot of sprite with beer, Android likes beer sprites but in moderation, he can’t take everything he overloads. He can’t take everything. Reduce the pixel size, and the number of sprites. Then Android can take everything:)

"On Android, images are limited (downsized) to 2048×2048, even though the maximum texture memory size is higher on the device. The reason is most Android devices don't have enough heap memory to load the game entirely"

Try to optimize your project, delete useless objects, group, External layout, and i’ve not search for, sprites and sounds, but you have the idea remove useless content :wink:
Avoid large sprites !
In your animations in general you can divide by two the used sprites, result will be same, think just to inscrease your acutal speed by x2.

If you want really use text you can always use sprite for display text, but i recommend you to optimize your game.

If you have always the issue we will try to isolate the bug.

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Hey Bouh,

Thank you very much you helped me alot, i changed the Text to Sprites now it works fine.

But now i am concerned about the things you sad.
I will reduce the Projekt and hopefully get a better performence out of it :slight_smile:

I am glad that i can share it with people now, just to make some tests !

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I want to reduce my Projekt like you suggested,
what is the Best way to do that?
Is there a “best-practice” workflow for that ?

Or should i, downscale all of my png´s ? and replace them in my GDevelop Project file ?
And search for unused footage and delete them.

Or is it enough, to change the properties width and height of the Game settings, and then adjust the Sceneobjects to fit that range?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You need edit the files image , cut it in multiples file or reduce the size 1024px is enough.
After you can use event for fit you object to screen if you change width/height dimensions.

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