GameDevelop online development

How cool would it be, if you could run Gamedevelop online in the browser and create your game from there. And after you finished your project, you could download it.

Is something like this (Im)possible? Just curious :wink:

Imagine how painful it will be to upload all your images and sounds into your online project, and how slow it will be everytime it will need to download back to your browser all your assets so you could preview your scene.
Plus the cost of a datacenter, to store all thoses music, sounds, videos and pictures… only to be sued for copyright infringments later (because it will eventually be used as online storage for movies and songs by some users).

How about using some external service for images, etc. and only provide links to online GD?

Also there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skills, but it would be more work than it’s worth it.

i Pay 50 euros per month for the datacenter just to put the server inside. Its a Proliant and it has 176 GB of storage. ( the other disk inside is for a 4 times daily backup)