GD freezes when dragging events

I’m posting this here before reporting on Github to see if it’s happening to others first.

When working within functions/behaviors, GDevelop has been freezing if I try to drag events. This isn’t an issue for whole lines of conditions and actions, it’s only when I’m trying to change the order of a single event by itself.

I have to copy and paste them into place to avoid the freeze. The only thing I can do is save the project, but it takes a minute or so. Then, once it is saved, I can continue working.

I don’t see any errors or messages that say ‘not responding’.

This doesn’t appear to be a problem in scene or external event sheets.

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I was not able to reproduce the problem.

It could be something about your PC.
Try to disable your AV and see if it helps.
Try to update your graphics driver.
Try to stop any applications and processes running in the background that may use your HDD/SSD a lot, if you are on Windows you can have a look in the task manager, on Linux in the system monitor what process use it more. Not sure about Mac.
If you are on Linux and using open-source graphics driver, try to switch to proprietary drivers or a different version maybe.

If none of the above helps, do you have lots of events in the event sheet?
Do you experience the same if you have only very few events?
Do you have any JS events and do you experience the same with no JS events?

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same problem.
I am saving right before draggin an event now.
This problem is new to the new patch.
Using windows


I keep trying to drag the code in the events page, and it won’t let me. I have a new computer, and tried shutting down and unplugging serveral time without success.

This rarely happened to me too. (sometimes my events just won’t load and require 10 to 15 secs to refresh…even if i have a lot of em)
I remember ver 5.1 to be faster and smoother…but i guess we have to wait for more stability…

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I have this problrm every single time I drag an event.

oh no that’s not good

The code is freezing again, and I have to save the project, close it, exit out of the editor and close the browser. Then I start all over again, sometimes that resolves the problem, sometimes not. Like today the code froze 5 times. Really frustrating.

Still doing the same freezing thing today.

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