GD Graphics libraries?

How about developing full-fledged graphics library, like ones that are available for MMF/RPG Maker? With MillionthVector here, we can do it (and I perhaps can contribute to it too, as I’m pretty good at 2d art).

Also it can be source of revenue - the program will remain free, but you’ll gain money by selling “content packs” (of course after specific deals with artists).

I realize building such library will take time, but it’ll be great boost for people that aren’t really good at graphics, but they’re making up for it in story/level design departments. Now if they want to find good graphics, they are forced to search through many sites with gamemaking resources where often license for commercial use is unclear. GD Gfxlib would be licensed as CC-PD/other very liberal license that even don’t require credits, license when buying content pack (if there will be such deals)of course should be a bit different, so there won’t be million copies of paid content libraries floating around net, but still allow for commercial use with no credit.

I’m open to any proposition concerning graphics libraries designed for Game Develop. :slight_smile:

For now, the graphics provided with Game Develop and its example come from various sources, but I made sure that they are free for any use.
I also thinks that a full library of high quality graphics would be great.

If you or anyone else is thinking about creating a such library, I could enhance GD to make the use of graphics libraries easy ( Adding buttons for browsing the available libraries… ) and/or to redirect the user to a page where he can buy/download the full library, if this library is not free.

That would be appreciated. From my side, I’ve started to work on some pixelart gfx for library. One question - could you release sprite cutter as separate program (this tool you are using to make single images from sheets)? That would help me, as I won’t have to open full GD just to cut some sprites from spritesheet for library.

Yeah, I think a nice graphics pack made especially for GD would be useful, I’d be happy to contribute, just tell me what you’d like done.

It’d be interesting to see what people do with them (My favorite part of making graphics :smiley: ).

MillionthVector, I think graphics should be as generic as possible - some platforms, characters, vehicles, etc. Just look at graphics that are shipped with MMF. They’re pretty generic, so people can use them in any project.

Okay, have any ideas of the kind of graphics you would like me to make? Planes, trains, tanks, nuclear warheads, battleships, fluffy bunnies?

Well, anything you can think of, probably. And publish it in this thread.

Okay, here’s some gems:

I’ve received a graphics pack for a racing game from MillionthVector, I will include it with the next version of GD :slight_smile: ( I don’t know for now how exactly the “graphics pack” will be displayed to the user ).
These gems are also nice and can be used in lots of different games, I will include them with Game Develop.

I have an idea on how it could be displayed:

Okay the picture is pretty bad… but it gives you a general idea though. (The image probably needs a border though.)

Or maybe instead (or aside) of treeview, simple Explorer-like folderview, where every library is a “folder” and pictures are displayed as 128x128 thumbnails?

Yes, I was thinking about something similar.
But the main question is when/where a such window should be shown to the user ?

Maybe in the “Images Bank” area, there could be a button to the right of “Add an image” that says “Add from Graphics Library”, and when you click it, a new window comes up.

BTW: More graphics!

Could you make walkcycles for that spiders?

Nice spiders :laughing:
Some kind of soldier ( a “Space marine” ) would be interesting so as to create a game where this soldier must destroy all these terrifying spiders :slight_smile:

Okay, I sent you the Space Marine via email (It would take way too much time to post all those pictures here, XD).
Dunno about walkcycles for those spiders though, I only have the 3D file for one of them, and making that soldier walk was tough, and he only has 2 legs…

Spiders are good even without a walk cycle.
Amazing work for the space marine :smiley:

So as to complete these graphics concerning the space marine and the spiders, may be could you create some walls ( and/or a floor texture, or some objects/items that you think appropriate with this theme ) ? :slight_smile:

Okay, I sent you some stuff to go with the Space Marine, could probably make some more later, I was thinking maybe instead of them being alien spiders, they could be evil genetically modified spiders, and we could put all sorts of sci-fi lab equipment everywhere.

Great :smiley: These objects should be enough to create some basics levels. :slight_smile:

Here’s some more images to go with that theme: