[GD3683] object reached its destination doesn't work

I have attached an example, when you click or touch anywhere, ship is start moving in to the position of the click or touch using the pathfinding automatism. But when I want to test if ship is reached it destination, seems like it doesn’t work.
Attachment: test.zip (5.94 KB)

In this example, you can see a message in the top left corner. It should display “ship is moving” message when ship is moving and “destination is reached” message when ship is stopped = reached it destination but it doesn’t work.

You’re always asking the ship to move to the destination. Put the action inside the first sub-event (with the Trigger Once condition) and everything will work.

(The next “bug” might be the good one :laughing: ).

But, when ship is reach the destination I set variable move = 0 and ship is moving only if variable move = 1 :confused:

Anyway, thanks for the solution :smiley:

Yes, but you before, you tell the ship to move again.