GD4 or 5 for a side-scroller shooter game?

can we add a plugin or sdk something like this ( ) on our own in gdevelop easily?
it’s a multiplayer sdk that i found as a plugin in game builder studio engine, … CAYRA0BJ0K

No, I just did not want to write Construct 2,3 everywhere, for your needs both of them is good imo. You get more features with Construct 3 like cloud storage and cloud building but need to pay annually. Construct 2 require one time payment only and you get it for a lifetime but it is only getting maintenance updates now and the devs also put the price higher to make more people go with Construct 3. C3 cost half that much and offer more features but you get it for 12 months only.

Programming multiplayer is a pain anyway but Construct 2,3 do comes with a multiplayer example that just has already set what a co-op game need. Construct 2,3 is the most simple choice in this case imo. I would not recommend it for an MMO but perfect for a 4 player co-op and such.

There is no Plugin system in GD, on GitHub there is a discussion currently about how to implement it.
I was suggesting PlayerIO to 4ian few months ago but he did not reply.
I managed to get it working in GD5 using Javascript but it was a pain :imp:
Coding in GDevelop is not very intuitive, good for experiment but not ideal for actual work.

Since you also looking at tools cost money, you might also want to give 001 Game Creator a shot.
It require no coding and do have lights and being an RPG game engine in it core it got tons of useful features out of the box for dialogs, shops, inventory, quests, battle, items, in case you need any of that it worth a look. You can make any kind of game with it even a side scroller and it also got a multiplayer DLC.
Since you also looking at frameworks require coding I would also recommend give AppGameKit a shot. It is very simple and the trial version has no limits other than you can not export to mobile and can not use it for other than learning purposes, meaning you can not share your creation not even for free. You can get the full version now with the summer sale for relatively good price.

i didn’t know choosing an engine would become this much pain :cry: , i think it’s now about 1 month past when i decide come to a 2D game developing instead of making 3D animation and 3D game developing, first i was on creating 3D animation with 3ds max and after that (when i didn’t get a job) i decide to going on my own and creating 3D game, then spend some months on unreal cuz the only true 3d engine with nice features and good visual scripting and much tuts was it and all for FREE! (no paid before and just 5% royalty is good for an indie developer), but 3D developing was slow in any way even if u use ready assets and templates, after all this i thought when i come to 2D, ill be much MUCH! faster but now i’m just spending my time for picking an engine cuz some offer price and some others coding, and it’s really hard to decide a correct one cuz i read others pain when they spend both time and money but still get hurt badly when i’m hardly limited specially on TIME! (again sorry for long story and write :blush: )

at this point appgamekit demand both price and coding, and i don’t know how much is good for rapid development if i spend my time and money for it, but 001 game creator look interesting, i saw it before and was in my choices but i did’t know he offer good rapid dev, their website make me jarringgg first when i saw it, but now as u mentioned it for rapid dev, it take my eye but still i don’t know how much it work fine on exporting and publishing cuz it’s not really popular and low tuts-doc
what a hard decide for picking, if i knew this pain, i could stay with 3D dev and unreal :smiley:

and between 001engine and construct, 001 have cheap price specially with this off, but also have some risks while construct have better sup and tuts but lower rapid dev comparing to 001

do u know Godot is good for rapid dev or not? (even if i learn GDscript)
do u have a good vision over 001engine? u know how much is good for multiplayer?(if we want to compared with construct that is ready for multiplayer), the exported games are fine and stable?

if u help me more (as u did it much before) ill promise to give it back one day soon :smiley:

I’m afraid there always be people sharing negative thoughts because no engine is perfect. All engines has pros and cons. You need to find one where the pros cover most of the things you need and the cons has minimal effect on you but something always going to be missing. There is no a single engine out there that would be perfect, all engines has flaws. There is also some learning curve for every engine that you need to consider. Not only to learn how the engine works and how to use it but also get to know the engine and discover it flaws and ways to work around these flaws. It is true for every single engine out there.

If the time is the most important for you, then I think you should go with something that you know best you have the most experience with. If, it is Unreal, then you might need to re-consider that. In case there is something specific that slow you down with Unreal, then search for an engine that offer some improvements on that. In case what is slow you down is lack of experience, there are certain things you don’t know how to do in Unreal then you might need to re-consider what sort of game you want to make and choose one that you have the skills to make now instead of trying something that you don’t even know where to start. Or in case your problem is 3D models you find it slow to make all that 3D staff you need, you may want to re-consider the level of detail and 3D style of your game. Make less detailed models if that’s what you good at and make your game to fit that style. Or in case you are not good at making 3D at all, yes 2D can be faster because you can just draw a few lines to make a placeholder and just continue making your game but in case you want quality 2D art, even if it pixel art in my opinion it is require the same amount of effort as quality 3D art. It is also true for the games in general, I would not think that 2D is more simple than 3D. Both require effort, dedication, skill and time. If you don’t have any of that, then you are going to find your self in the same situation even with a 2D engine.

Regarding 001, Construct, AGK, I can only suggest to have a look but you need to make your decision I can’t recommend any of them for certain. AGK is definitely the most complicated from the 3 choice I have offered but then 001 has an unique workflow it is nothing like any other engines out there that you need to get used to. You either going to like it or hate it. And then Construct has also it flaws, for one thing it is HTML5 only it doesn’t suit everyone and all games. I recommend to read about all engines as much as you can, watch tutorial and review videos, take a look at games made in those engines before making your decision. And I would also recommend to re-consider what sort of game you want to make and try to keep it simple, something that you can achieve. Even if it takes time, take it now. Work out the details of your game and read all about the engines you can find instead of realizing 3 months later you picked the wrong engine again because it is missing something you need or you don’t have what it takes to finish it.

As ddabrahim as quite thoroughly mentioned, you have many choices, all with good and bad. I had similar problems with choosing an engine, I finally just stuck with a couple and dealt with what they had going on. I have over 100 hours into 001 and as was mentioned you are either going to be ok with the workflow or hate it, I personally could not get used to it, it feels so awkward to work in. If you want to try it there is a free demo of it on steam. AGK I have a bit of experience but I do not like The Game Creators, release so little and tack on so many DLC’s and money money money, but that is personal preference.

001 has alot of features built it, ALOT! They have lots of documentation, and there are quite a few youtube videos, and they have been lately making official ones even for the MMORPG kit…but as ddabrahim mentioned all the info that applies to what you are looking for is out there to read up and research, in a couple hours you could easily have a good idea of what you are going to do.

yep, in fact i want all pros at once and it’s exactly impossible, this is my problem

i’m reading a lots and spent my whole last 2 weeks about engines, first i thought i’m wasting my time and this is what was made me angry and sad, but now when i see clearly, i know very much things about developing that didn’t know before and understanding more about engines, so i found this is very common, and anyone who is new to developing specially for game must spending all this time to get a open vision and finding what is what, so i didn’t waste my time and it make me feel better and good

but still my choices are really difficult, for example if i just don’t mind light and network, i can easily stay with gd5 and create my game
and now my problems appear just after that, these ideas come to my head: man if u just spend 34$, u can do both easily and fast, so go buy 001engine
and after that again: man no one can give u assure that though u can work with it or will build a fine game and export correctly, so spend more for construct or g.m.s
and that wasn’t the last: MAN save ur money and give urself time, learn coding, it is good invest, u know? , just go with Godot or corona sdk / cocos2d
man why u just don’t stay with gd5? ---- (OHH!!!, U AGAIN, PLS SHUT MY MIND :exclamation: )

when i told all these hard choices to my near friend and ask him advice, he just told: it’s non of my business
but at all i’m thinking to get dirty with 001engine, pls mention more about this engine , ty guys

do u know 001engine multiplayer is rapid or not? (if we compare it to construct)

I can only say watch the youtube videos on it, 001 mmorpg tutorial and see what you think.

Try the demo out, watch a couple tutorial videos and you will have a good general sense of how it works.

I have personally never tried construct so I cannot comment on that engine.

ty very much :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I can’t comment on that. I didn’t used multiplayer in 001 and construct enough to be able to compare which one is better. I was look in to multiplayer but realized it is just too much trouble, twice as much work than a single player game and it may not even benefit you. For example, co-op = players probably also want a chat, public, private, voice and the ability to kick players and invite players and create private groups and private servers and friend lists…etc In case it is some sort of RPG, they also probably want to share items, trade and what not. If it missing, they vote your game down so I figured better not to include it at all and I don’t make multiplayer.

I guess you also need to consider this and decide if multiplayer would be the core of your game or not. If it not, including some sort of basic co-op functionality only to make players “play together” may only going to hurt and to implement something robust would require lot of time but in case it is not the core of your game, need to consider if it worth the time and effort or not.

But here is something for you to consider:
Multiplayer in Construct is aiming for Peer to Peer connection (players connecting to each other ) which is require a server only until the players get connected and then no longer required during the game and this is exactly what a co-op game need and as I mentioned users of Construct have free access to a server to connect players so you don’t need to worry about that with Construct if the server fit your plans but this is something you need to decide for your self and this is only connection, with Construct you still required to setup the gameplay to be shared among players and to make players able to interact and communicate with each other.

Multiplayer in 001 is aiming at MMORPG games (the MMORPG Kit that is) which do offer a complete dedicated server for you to run and solve some trouble. Players can do quests, chat, trade, battle what you would expect from an MMO. I guess we can call this rapid since all you need to do is setup the server and connect the clients to it if you want to make an MMORPG. But this is not what you want so you may need to set everything up from scratch using the networking commands and you are also going to need a server to connect players by the end even though 001 offer a lot it may going to be only more trouble.

I’m afraid it is something I can’t tell you for certain what would be the best for you, it is a decision you need to make.
Work out the details of you game, make a list of features you want to implement and then start looking at the engines and see which one provide the features you need. As I mentioned multiplayer make things only more complicated so you might want to consider if you really want multiplayer in the game or not.

Lights is one of the most problematic topics because it is a very important aspect of a game. Lights create the atmosphere and a good atmosphere helps to improve gameplay experience but not many 2D engine support lights well out of the box not even ones that do require coding and considered “advanced” engines. Most of the time you need to write your own shaders which only add to the complexity of a game and if you don’t have experience, it is not easy to make your own shaders.
Both Construct and 001 do have nice support for lights out of the box, in 001 you can even add weather effects easily and can create really nice atmosphere in the maps.

There is one more thing, in order to publish the game on Steam you are going to need to integrate Steam API so you might want to consider to pick an engine that has it built-in out of the box or at least got a plugin for it. Both Construct and 001 got Steam API support, in case of Construct though you need to buy a plugin I believe, with 001 you can export a Windows executable that has the API built-in and you can publish it to Steam.

What I recommend you to do, is make 001 and Construct your top choices because they have most of the features you looking for but really it is something you should know better.
Try the demo version of both Construct and 001 to see if you like the actual workflow, check the templates, examples included, search the forum for more, read the documentations and tutorials and then make a decision if you need any of the RPG elements offered in 001 like inventory, quests, items, battle. If you do need them in your game and you are ok with the workflow in 001 then go with that one it a nice engine especially for RPG games. Too bad there is no Mac and Linux support, this is the only reason I don’t personally use it.
If you don’t need any of the RPG elements and you don’t like the workflow in 001 then go with Construct

Construct would be the most expensive option that might make you consider GameMaker Studio, but here is the thing. GMS do require coding if you really want to get the most out of the engine, It support only networking, so you need to make multiplayer from scratch and it does not support lights out of the box you need to use something called “Masks” to blend sprites and layer in order to make light effects, a bit complicated topic and the result is not looking any better than the one in Construct and 001 so let forget GameMaker Studio because of complexity and I recommend to focus on Construct and 001 because of simplicity and features.

If you don’t like Construct and 001 only then I recommend to look in to GameMaker Studio because it also has most features you need but not as simple as Construct and 001.
But If you can’t afford the money, then go with GDevelop 4 although I don’t recommend it, but still many people using it. It a risk you need to take if you want to make your game in 6 months.
Or, drop multiplayer and lights and go with GDevelop 5
But in case you go with GDevelop either 4 or 5 it does not have Steam API built-in so if you end up going with GDevelop, just keep that in mind you may need to integrate it your self in order to publish the game to steam but you can also release your game at while you working on it.

If you can’t afford the money and also don’t want to take the risk with GD4 and also don’t want to drop lights and multiplayer then as the very last option (only because it is require coding, otherwise a really good engine) you can also consider Godot for an actively developed, free engine but it is going to require coding, if you don’t have experience with any of the languages supported in Godot than it is going to require some time to get started.
The fact is, the very best options are the more difficult options like using AGK Tier2(C++) or MonoGame(C#), Phaser(JS), LibGDX(Java) for example but not because they have already what you need but because you can develop from scratch what you need, there is no limits because the only limitation is you. But in case you go with such framework then you won’t be making your game in 6 months but not even in a year maybe. So it is something that you also need to consider, do you want freedom, or do you want it to be easy and fast.

I wish you good luck.

The DLC’s are made and maintained by 3rd party, that is why sold separately. TGC release lot of updates for free, not too long ago they added AR support for example.

I am just feeling grumpy about the DBPro days, and FPSC…but as far as AGK goes it is a good product IMO, I don’t have enough time to use a language over an engine, but if I did, I would be using it.

As far as the OP’s thread ddabrahim alluded to the only real answer…it’s entirely up to you, take tips, and suggestions but the only person who can decide if it will work for you is…you, same if it is rapid that is up to you. :slight_smile:

wow, i don’t know what to say and how to, but just simply lots of thanks, ur words was huge gem for me :mrgreen:
let me know if u have some other gem words in this forum or anywhere, (even some good articles that i read before, didn’t shoot gems like urs :unamused: ), u compared all my choices incredibly nice

i need just a simple online co-op, with join/host servers where players become host but i know still need a boss server (i don’t know what is the name, host server?, main server?, pls mention it to me, ty) to connect players to each other.
i did’t think about friend lists, is it complex for adding friend function?
it is great for me what features u mentioned, and as i understand 001engine with mmorpg can handle all these needed features u mentioned, right?
but the problem is: my game isn’t mmo, and i don’t know how much hard is to change it for a join/host multiplayer?

in fact, i can do it without co-op but it won’t worth, my co-op idea is something like playing “call of duty: zombies” alone instead of co-op
if i drop the co-op idea and wanna make just single player, so my decision for picking an engine would be gd5, then i just implementing a solo killing zombies for example, and even if i add some rpg features like inventory, variety characters & enemies, etc… , as my game is solo, maybe it just sold 50 copies while i spend 6 months on it
but if i do co-op with 001engine for example, while it offer rapid dev and can add rpg elements fastly, so then i just need 2 months more for adding join/host multiplayer, so it take 8 months at all, and at last selling 100 copies, so then it worth (my dreaming mind about selling copies is low & simple, i know my game won’t next hitter, haha :laughing: )

someone told me ptp is old and high on traffic , he said it is bad , i don’t know much about ptp/udp/tcp or anything else, if u can pls mention or show me a good article or anything to learn me a little, i just want to know which one is better for me as a join/host server lobby (as i mentioned before)
but it look like the construct multiplayer style is what i need, cuz my game won’t mmo; but still also the mmorpg kit is great for me, cuz it offer ready rpg elements which are nice and i need it, and also as u said it provide chat system and much more for multiplayer, just the style of multiplayer is problem, but i think it’s worth for me even although it take time for converting mmo to what i need

when i was searching & reading about game engines, the first time when i saw 001engine website with shit dated interface, it push me very much backwards, but when u told me about this engine and mentioned about how much it offer rapid, it take my eyes; but i’m not any wonder why it isn’t popular cuz their shit website from 1980 century and win98 like visual editor, not even win.xp :laughing: (men what did u do with price of product, at least make the website new)
if the only pain of this engine is workflow, then as we all mentioned before: no all pros at once, it’s impossible

i just did know there is a steam api and i have to get messy with it at the end one day, but i didn’t know if i just consider it really, it would become a easier pain, ty for giving the light :smiley:
(as i see, steam named it sdk in their website, is it now better? or it’s non of my business ? :smiley:)

as i’m a win user and my main target is win, i don’t really care about exporting to mac/linux natively, but if had it would be great (as i know we can do it with html5 export but need to care about fine and polish)

first i thought Godot is good for newer or beginners but as i read more about it, really the visual scripting isn’t powerful at all, and who are saying coding syntax is simple and fast are experienced game developers, and the coding side isn’t for a newer for learning coding; all of who are saying Godot is good, had experience with other engines before and they knew how to coding; also it still have lack of good doc and tut for beginners and would get very messy in the middle road; but at all cuz it’s a FOSS & have some better features compare to other FOSS engines. (at all it’s good but not beginners friendly who are coming new to gaming dev & coding, at this point)
now in my choices it don’t fill anymore, not even other coding engines cuz i found them slow while others offer rapid

very very veryyyy much thanks for saying all these words to me, and lots more for showing me 001engine awesomeness,
i think this engine really worth for me cuz it can do all genres: 2D/2.5D/simple3D/topdown/isometric,…etc , so then it’s good for my second game too (cuz i already know the idea for my second game and it’s a 2.5D isometric , also even thought about a simple3D as FPS, for third game too :laughing: )
as i believe the limitation of 001engine for mobile developers is no ad/iap feature, and for pc dev, no native to mac/linux and this is while the html5 export, don’t support networking(and it’s a bad thing for me); these are the main problems for this engine, this is why it isn’t a popular software (but i don’t care about these cuz my target is win)