GD5 : Sprite object edition enhancements


I worked a lot last days on creating multiples animations in sprite objects with GD5. Here is what i propose as enhancements :

1. The name of images/ressources should be displayed on the timeline : working with a lot of images, or lot of duplicated frame is frustrating, because you don’t know what’s the image file of the frames.

what i imagine/propose :

a) Display the name of image file (like in game ressource) :

Actually, the image name is displayed ONLY if there is a missing image in a frame.

b) On rollOver with mouse, display the full relative path of the image file (like in game ressources)

This will allow to easily find hte image if the sources have to be edited (and not with piskel, we don’t need pixel art in every projects !).

2. The ability to duplicate a frame :

With Piskel edition (and i’m not a psikel specialist (personnaly i dont need this editor), you can duplaicate a frame, but it’s also duplicating the image file !! A mess happened in my folder while working.

Why duplicating frames ? for example, i want one frame of my animation to last 3 seconds, a second frame to last 0.5 sec. Gdevelop only allow a global time between frames, so i have to duplicate the frame #1 6 times for it to be displayed 3 seconds.

3. A bigger zone for collision mask editing : wroking with large image is just… boring because you have to use scrollbars.

What do we need : availability to display the full image, and if it’s too big for the interface : the ability to zoom in/out.

4. As reported in another post of the forum, the ability to place/move the points of a custom polygon of the hit box : [url]Collision Mask (Draggable nodes / end points)]

Gdevelop 4 allowed it, it’s a regression.

5. Allow not convex custom polygon for hitboxes

I know some of these ideas are on the roadmap, some might be easy to implement, some not, but these features are really important from my point of view.

With current sprite editor system, i think i spent (last) 10 minutes for an animation, where i was only spending 30 sec with GD4.

In addition to 3)
Add the option to display a customizable grid like in the scene editor to place the points precisely.
Maybe the scene editor window could even be reused for this.

I worked a lot with sprites today, ideas 1) 2) and 3) would be definitively “must have” features.

This is really good suggestions .Really hope this gets implemented in next updates because it’s just so important … especially dragging collision mask of any sprite with mouse . It makes life just so much easier . You write a value then scroll up … to see where the collision mask is … then change it again . And again then scroll … scrolling is just like you said is very boring and waste a lot of time .
Hope all of this happen soon .

I’ve added a duplicate option in the menu, support for drag’n’dropping the vertices of the polygons when creating a hitbox and drag’n’dropping points too.

See a preview here: … -418898018
Will be in the next version :slight_smile:

If you want to have support for Zoom, which requires more work, please vote here: … ite-editor :smiley:

Awesome ! Thanks a lot ! I voted :slight_smile: