Gdev 4 3d camera logic

so i am trying to make a game and wanted to test fps and yes i know this engine is not at all made for this. I am currently struggeling with the rotation of the camera left and right rotation should be doable but is there a smart way of up and down rotation since i have to translate my variable “CameraRotY” into the rotation of all 3d objects in my scene if there is any example other than the “Wolfenstein style 3D engine.gdg” i would be happy to see it and get some ideas…thanks! ^^

Unfortunately, GD4 has been retired/unsupported for maaaany years now. So there may not be anyone on the forum that can provide guidance, especially since what you’re trying to do is out of scope of the engine even for GD4.

That said, I’m leaving this topic open incase anyone who used GD4 can provide guidance.

If not, you may be better off looking at CopperCube, which is a 3D focused engine with visual scripting to allow you to make games without code.

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okay thanks for now! ^^