GDevApp on iPad

GDevApp is now available as a standalone app on iPad :mrgreen:

The iOS app is almost the same as the web app, except that external images is not yet supported. All other parts are the same and you can enjoy game creation directly on your iPad with this dedicated app!

GDevApp has been recently updated with a new, enhanced events editor, a new objects editor and a slightly reworked scene editor. It’s perfectly usable on tablets and mobile devices!

And you can export your games as HTML5 games or even create an Android app directly from GDevApp.

[size=150]Get it on the App Store[/size]

You can get it from the App Store :
If you want to support the app, please do not hesitate to give it a good rating! :smiley: That will be helpful to make the app more popular!

[size=150]Next steps[/size]

Lots of things can be done on the app to enhance it: add new features for games from GDevelop, support external images coming from Dropbox and from other providers (as I said, it’s already available in the web app, but not yet on the iOS version), support more game creation features… the app will be updated according to the user feedbacks I get! :slight_smile:

Nice!, good to hear some new! :smiley:
I have two little problems: Sometimes, the link to the blog in is boken, it links to “//blog” instead “/blog”. The second problem is that the menu to edit animations does’t respond (I can’t delete animations for example), in Firefox/Ubuntu :slight_smile:

For the menu that’s strange, I’ve been able to delete an animation from an object right now :confused:
Could you provide me a screenshot of the menu+object you’re trying to remove an animation from? :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile:
I’ve tested to remove the same animation in Opera (Ubuntu) and Chrome (Windows), and the menu works in both, doesn’t work on Firefox (tested on Ubuntu and Windows):

While doing the screenshot, I’ve noticed the little menu to delete a project doesn’t work too (wanted to delete a new project to test this bug, ironic?..):

Indeed, the issue was only on Firefox. It should be fixed now! :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting it! :slight_smile: