GDevelop 3.5.75

GDevelop 3.5.75 is available!

Various fixes in this release, full releases notes on GitHub:
As usual, download it from the website or from the GitHub page :slight_smile:

wonderful changes in this version, thank you very much :smiley:

is the keyboard working in the event sheet on linux? :smiley:

Should be.

hoping there would be ads plugin. :neutral_face:

Yeah the keyboard is working, it was already fixed in the previous version.

Hi there. I’m new here… like a lot your software. :slight_smile:
I work with Debian and Wine for test the Windows version.
I have downloaded the new version deb from GitHub, but from your web can’t download it as before…

Oops, the link is wrong, I’m going to fix it :slight_smile:

wow this version is usable under mint 17, solved many bugs, thanks