GDevelop 3.6.76

GDevelop 3.6.76 is available!

Lots of improvements, redesigned features, important bug fixes (including a severe memory leak for native games), a new event store connected to and two new events : Events Groups and (experimental) Javascript events (for HTML5 games) :smiley:
The full changelog is on GitHub :

I have some difficulties to upload the Ubuntu version. For now, you can download the Windows version on GitHub or here: ā€¦ gd3676.exe ā€¦ (no installer version)

This version will be on the website as usual when the Ubuntu version is uploaded :slight_smile:

No worries, since from my experience GD works good enough with Wine. Anyway, downloading Windows version now.

Thanks for JS events, by the way. Will make integrating APIs, like stuff that is in XDK, but not available as regular events (multitouch, accelerometer, etc.) or integrating e.g. Kongregate API or some ad services. Are there any examples on how to do things to scene/global variables from inside of JS?

Example added here: ā€¦ e_examples :slight_smile:

Is it possible for us to develop our own automatism ? like plugin/behaviour from construct 2 ?

I would like to request for
Greenworks plugin (for steam)


What you are talking about is more like an IDE (GDevelop) feature than a automatism (a behavior applied to an object).

Developing extensions for GD is, obviously, possible (docs on how to do that are on the GitHub/wiki). However, you need C++/JS (latter if you want HTML5 version of the extension) knowledge to do that.

hey now iā€™m on manjaro linux, 4ian can you release a tar.gz with a simple bin file, now iā€™m try to extract deb
ok i have found deb2targz :smiley:
not find application ok tar-gz is apreciate
solved with alien

awesome release!!! Loving the linux and interface fixes too :smiley: