GDevelop 4.0.89

GDevelop 4.0.89 is available! :smiley:
Lots of fixes/small improvements in this new version:

Add complete Dutch translation
Add Finnish translation
Fix AdMob object banner default position being top of the screen
Internal changes and improvements
Fix ‘Always’ condition for HTML5 games
Fix tilemap object crash when using an empty image
Add support for importing TMX files (created with Tiled Map Editor: in TiledMap objects.
Fix storage actions not properly persisting values in some cases
Improve performance of PanelSprite (“9-patch”) object for HTML5 games.
Update the rendering engine of HTML5 games, pixi.js, to v3.0.8
Audio files can be added as resources (like images) to preload them in HTML5 games
Enhance performance of musics on Android
Fix native games not launching properly when put in a directory containing unicode characters.
Fix issues with external layouts editors.
Wording fixes
Fix 404 error when previewing a HTML5 game on recent linux distributions.


You can download the new version on GDevelop website as usual:

Awesome !!! :smiley:

Awesome !!! :smiley:

Nice update especially the ‘Tiled’ (TMX) support surprised me. I have never heard of it, seems an interesting editor. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Just wondering, why you don’t create a universal resource bank to be able to add just about anything and call it ‘Resource bank’ instead of ‘Image bank’?
It would be more practical in my opinion.
I have already suggested some time ago and Victor agreed and he has mentioned it could be possible:

I have just tried Tiled, and it pretty awesome :slight_smile:

But, I don’t know if it a bug or just something is not implemented yet, but seems like the TMX importer unable to import TSX external tilesets made out of individual images. I don’t get any error message when I import the TMX file, but the actual images in the tileset doesn’t show up.

What I was doing is, create a custom tileset using random images, exported it as an external TSX tileset (since there is no other option) in to the same folder as the images, and then I was making a quick map, save it as a TMX in to the same folder as the TSX file and the images are.

If I open the TMX file in Tiled, the TSX tileset with all the images get loaded but when I try to load the TMX in to GDevelop, the tileset with the images doesn’t show up :cry:

In case it not a bug, TSX tilesets are just not supported at the moment, I really do hope it is going to be supported because it would be a really simple way to create our own tilesets in Tiled and get them loaded in to GDevelop through the TMX importer :slight_smile:

No, only “standard” tilesets are supported (one picture only).

Yes but I thought TSX support did come along with TMX.
I don’t know if TSX is something unique to Tiled and TMX format or not, just thought it should work with TMX out of the box since GDevelop does import tileset configuration and TSX is basically a sort of tileset configuration for individual images I guess :slight_smile:

TSX normally allows the user to store the tileset outside of the TMX, but I think you can put it right back in.

Thank you very much! :smiley: I was wondering what was wrong with it.

This is great! I look forward to trying it :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s the long term goal :smiley:

Hi, I’m on OSX Yosemite, not sure if there is also a new mac version, but I downloaded, reinstalled and now it doesn’t work. :confused: I’m probably a moron but perhaps something went wrong with the release? Is there an older version to download somewhere?
Please help!

All versions can be downloaded from this page: (For OS X, the “GDevelop.pkg” files).
I’m testing GD on Yosemite so it should run fine…

Can you download the previous version ( … evelop.pkg) and tell me if it’s working?

Yes! This one is working. Thank you:)


There is a bug in html 5 games. Musics can’t loop anymore since the last update.
The Javascript error is : “Can’t read property ‘play’ of undefined”.