GDevelop 4 beginners tutorials

I tried to use GDevelop 5 but only got white screen after i switch to 4th version of GD .but it is really hard to learn without any tutorials.Wiki only provide tutorials for 5th version of GD.if anyone know good tutorials for GD 4 version please send me.thanks.

You are lucky. The old GD4 wiki is still available, you can find it here:

But I advice against using GD4, it is no longer maintained and not supported. It works on Windows and Linux only, no mobile and macOS support and I doubt you be able to port your project from GD4 to GD5 without errors once you change your mind.

Hopefully some devs can help you with your problem regarding the white screen.


thanks for link. :+1:

no one reply to my previous post about white screen issue,maybe they don’t have solution for it .

Hi, you posted just a few hours ago and there is a good chance that one of the devs can give you a solution for your problem. I don’t know enough to give a good suggestion. There is maybe one thing you could clarify and that’s whether your OS is in 64-bit. As far as I know this is one of the basic requirements for running Gdevelop 5. Perhaps ddabrahim can confirm that or correct me if I am wrong.

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it is a win 7 sp3 64bit machine …

You’ve probably done it before, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have you tried other versions of Gdevelop 5?

1st tried GD 5.0.122

then installed GD is working any issue now.

then again tried GD 5.0.120 ,got same white screen.

only GD 4 work properly

Judging from the screenshot it seems to me you are running Windows 7. Even though it is listed as compatible, Windows 10 is recommended.
I would recommend to consider to upgrade to Windows 10 or even install Linux at this point since Windows 7 is no longer getting updates and not safe.
If you were running a more recent operating system, it is more likely the developers care to investigate.

Also now days developers are not so active on the forum, so if you don’t get an answer after few days, I advice you to post your problem also on GitHub:

it is 10years old laptop.

i also like to upgrade to windows 10,but my laptop is barely running even windows 7.
windows 10 will eat more resource thanks.

And what about Linux, have you ever considered it? it may be a better experience with a light weight desktop environment or at least the same but more up to date, more recent and more secure.
You can run it from a USB, don’t have to install it only if you want to replace Windows 7.

Manjaro XFCE 64bit the one I would recommend for development:

In case you get the same problem like on Windows 7 however then it may be a hardware limitation with the GPU most likely.

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i think it has hardware related issue .kind of overheating .even linux won’t better than windows 7.

Is the Web version works in your web browser?

Try it in Google Chrome.

If it does not work in Google Chrome then it is possible your GPU is not compatible.

Try this link also in Google Chrome to make sure you got a WebGL compatible GPU:

If you see a spinning cube, it is WebGL compatible.

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web version works.but can not open an empty project.

followed these steps ,no way to open a project.

You selected an empty project, it does not have a scene by default. Add a scene.
On the left under scenes:

So, if you can get the web version working then it is not a hardware problem but software in which case my recommendation is to try Manjaro XFCE from a live USB. It may not be a better experience but I doubt to be worse. It is either be a better or the same experience in terms of performance and overheating.

It is possible however Manjaro may not be compatible with your hardware. As I mentioned, you can run the OS from USB so you have nothing to lose with trying.
If you have never done it before:

  1. Download the ISO from the above link
  2. Download balenaEtcher from here:
    balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives
  3. Plug in a USB drive in to your laptop at least 4GB I believe but bigger the better.
  4. The USB is need to be formatted so make sure you got nothing important on it
  5. Format the USB for FAT file system, right click in file explorer and select format
  6. Open balenaEtcher
  7. Select the ISO
  8. Select the USB
  9. If you were not able to format before, balenaEtcher going to format the USB for you but after it may not be able to mount it, if that is the case you need to close balena and start over from point 6 after format
  10. Start flashing the ISO on to the USB
  11. After finished, turn off your Laptop
  12. Plug the USB in if you removed it and turn on your laptop with the USB plugged in
  13. Most laptops going to automatically detect if you have a bootable USB plugged in and going to boot from the USB by default. If it was not the case, you need to open the Boot menu before Windows start loading. You can do that with either the Escape key or any of the function keys or the Return key. It is depends on your laptop. If you are lucky the laptop display which key to press for the Boot menu. If it dos not, the moment you turn on your laptop start tapping any of he keys I mentioned. Just try them all.
    In the Boot menu, select USB
  14. Manjaro going to boot in to a Live environment where you can start immediately using the system from USB. It is not going to touch your hard drive and Windows 7, not even when you install and download something. But it uses the USB and your RAM, so if you don’t have a lot of RAM you may not be able to try everything in one go. But hopefully enough to try GDevelop at least without touching Windows 7 and any of your files on the laptop.

If you have never used Linux before, Manjaro comes with a package manager from where you can install software. You can find anything in there absolutely everything if you enable the AUR repository, including GDevelop 4 and 5.
If you try Manjaro I can provide further help how to enable the AUR repository and how to install software.

  1. In case it works and you like it, you can just run the Installer from the Desktop.
    It is going to format your hard drive, remove Windows 7 and install Manjaro so make sure you have backup everything from your laptop before you Install Manjaro and I recommend to proceed only if you know how to install Windows 7 in case something goes wrong during installation of Manjaro
    In case it is your only computer and you have never done it before, I recommend to find someone local who can help you with the installation. I don’t want anybody left without a working computer because of my advice
    If you have a big enough hard drive, you can also install Manjaro alongside Windows 7 but regardless it can break so always ask for help with the installation if you don’t know how to fix it if it breaks.

i just tried GD 4 th edition only.

on web version i did not go farther .

sorry i am not familiar with Linux base OS.those are really hard to work with.

So if you click the Add a scene button on the left, nothing is happening?
What if you open the platformer template instead of an empty project?
Did you try the WebGL test, did you see the spinning cube?
Did you use Google Chrome?

It would be necessary to try and see if your hardware is compatible.

Am, not really it is depends on the Linux distribution. There are Linux distros that are more complicated than others. If Manjaro is compatible with your hardware, it is just as easy to use as Windows as long you are happy with all the Linux software available from the repositories and you are not missing any Windows software.
It is get complicated mostly when your hardware is not compatible and you need to install and configure drivers manually or want to install and run packages and software from the Web.

Anyway I don’t want to force you in to something that you don’t want, just trying to help. GDevelop 4 and Windows 7 won’t get you far, both unsupported and abandoned projects. If you encounter any problem in the future with GD4 on Windows 7, there may be nobody to help you. Also lot of the topics you find on the forum now is for GDevelop 5 so even if you find a solution for a problem, it may won’t work for you.

it’s ok. i think it won’t possible to made my first with this laptop.i won’t get new one soon.

maybe i will try something with GD 4 until it get issue.

thanks for your time guy.appreciate your help.

Bye GD.