Gdevelop 5 beta 70

seen this just announced on discord :sunglasses:

Breaking change

Due to a slight change in the way behaviors are stored, game usings the physics engine and saved with this new version won’t work properly with an older verison. Make backups of your game before continuing .

New features (custom behaviors and community extensions)

  • New feature : create your own behaviors using events Create new behaviors for your objects, directly from the editor, using the events that you are familiar with.

If you have been repeating events multiple times to do the same thing to your objects, you can now move these events to a behavior! Want:

  • your enemies to automatically follow the player? Create a Follower behavior. ️
  • some rockets to target the player? Create a Missile behavior.
  • enemies and the players to have health and take damage? Create a Health behavior.
  • This feature includes:
    • Create behaviors that are targeting all objects, or a specific object like Sprite, Text… so that you can modify animations, change the text etc…
    • Run events at every frame of the game, before or after traditional events, to animate your object…
    • …or when the object is created, deleted…
    • …and create custom actions, conditions and expressions for your behavior.