Gdevelop android app says I found a premium feature even though it's available on browser version

The android app says I found a premium feature though it isn’t on browser version and probably the same on the desktop app

The mobile app is a separate release from the main desktop engine (which the web app is just a different package of). The mobile release was made for (and made possible to exist due to) the subscription.

Free users have access to a limited version of the mobile app, but the full functionality is only available to subscribers. While all features will be released for all versions (Mobile/desktop/web app), features available for those without a paid subscription will be very different on the mobile version than if you’re using the main release (desktop or web).

Basically: Think of the app as “GDevelop Mobile” (a separate engine almost) and not “GDevelop for mobile”.

Ok, will mobile have all free features like browser and desktop in the future?

Not necessarily, no. Functions on the mobile app could be subscription required, that’s up to the GDevelop company.

It’s fine ig. I have been wanting the GDevelop app and tried searching on Google play then like 2 days later, it is on there. Hopefully the app will have all the free features like the browser and desktop in the future. lol