Gdevelop Android game + Intel XDK multitouch


Does anyone have any experience with adding multitouch to gdevelop games for Android in Intel XDK?

I tried to just add “intel.xdk.multitouch.enable();”. The game loads fine in the emulator but crashes on the real device when i try this.

Also, in gdevelop i use X/Y-position & “left button down” for mouse interaction, this seems to be working fine when i test the touch on an Android device. When i looked at some XDK examples, there seems to be a special touch function. Would it be possible to use “intel.xdk.multitouch.enable();” combined with the “left button down” that comes from gdevelop, or do i need to adapt this for XDK?

GDevelop HTML5 games support only single touch (all other touches will be ignored).

I know that gdevelop by itself doesn’t support multitouch. However, i got the following from another forum:

That would probably be me saying that. However since that post was written, a new version of GD came out which support execution of arbitrary JS code, which in turn offers access to full Intel XDK JS API and therefore can be used to do multitouch or poll accelerometer/gyroscope.