GDevelop beginner here. Hello everyone ! :)


I finally decided to join the forum but I started using GDevelop a while ago. I’m artist working for mobile games company. So far I have been only doing stuff in Photoshop but simplicity of the engine encouraged me to finally start doing my own personal project. I love how GDevelop is so well documented and has many examples. I even consider learning JavaScript in near future just to get more complex stuff. For now though the visual scripting part is enough for my needs.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the GDevelop community I hope you enjoy creating games with GD. you maybe want to take a look here, to get familiar with the forum, documentation and examples.


I have a film background and studied program beforehand.

You don’t really need to learn Java; however, just understanding the logic of programming does help. For example, if, else, while loops, not statement, etc

GDevelop is the easiest when compared to other game app developing software. Also, giving user access to their example games make a big difference.

In addition, the community here are amazing. Considering that they spent their own time answering questions other users have about how to do certain things in their games.

Welcome to Gdevelop.


Hey @OrbitalShrimp,

Welcome to the best community and in my opinion the best engine ever made.
Don’t worry about learning JavaScript at the moment, just play with GDevelop for a bit and get used to how things work inside of it, take a look at examples on how things are made and so on, you can create some amazing stuff with this engine believe me, Just make yourself at home and ask whenever you need any help, the people here are amazing.

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so java and javascript are the same language? it is called javascript when its used to create scripts?

Most likely this is a typo and was meant by JavaScript. The Java and JavaScript programming languages are different, they have similar syntax (like all C-like programming languages), but they are different technologies.
JavaScript can be used when working with GDevelop, but if you know it and you do not have enough of the available capabilities of the visual programming environment.


i’m really scared by the programming programs and i’ll try to stick with gdevelop as far as i can