GDevelop - Black editor window bug

When I open the GDevelop app (installed on my Windows PC), it loads automatically with the last project I was working on. But when it tries to display one of the scenes, it hangs. The scene remains black for a few seconds, and then eventually the whole window becomes black and I can’t do anything. This can almost completely stop me from working on my game at all, as if my project had some sort of problem.

However, I know my project is fine because, if I change its filename so that GDevelop can open without automatically loading it, and I load another project, it loads fine. And when I load the project with the problem, it also loads fine, but only after I loaded a different project first. For some reason the program cannot start with this particular project, but it can start with others.

I’m not sure if this is coincidence, but this happened right after I updated to the latest version. I reverted back to the version I was using, and the problem persisted. I also uninstalled and reinstalled GDevelop, and the problem persists.
I can continue working on my game if I just load another project first, but I’m scared that something else will go wrong and finally screw it all up.

EDIT: I just found that the issue is a huge tilemap I had in the scene that would make the program hang. When deleted, the editor loads just fine. Is there a limit to tilemap size or number of tilemaps per scene?

EDIT2: I even discovered that if I close GDevelop focusing on an empty scene in the same project, when I launch it next time, that empty scene will load fine, and I’ll be able to load the other scene with heavy tilemaps just fine but only after it loads the empty one first. GDevelop does not want to launch itself while on a heavy scene. It seems that this is a bug that might be fixable?