Gdevelop bug or did I mess up again? (I did mess up again) [SOLVED]

These two events were working fine yesterday… however, today enemies phase right through me and my crouching animation doesn’t seem to work. What am I doing wrong? Most of my external events were working perfectly and suddenly all of my external events have a thing or two that has stopped working.


Yesterday I was coding enemies and moving normally. Everything was fine and dandy. I do not understand what went wrong, especially since I didn’t touch anything.

Not even the first part of this event seems to be working.

Here’s another event that should work fine… but doesn’t.

For the second problem, there is a contradiction between the first test “If one of these conditions is true:” and the second test “Not If all of these conditions are true:”.
Imagine you press Left key (first condition), so “the Right key is pressed” will be wrong.
Thus, in the same time and in the second condition, the condition “Right key is pressed” will also be wrong! So, you execute 2 different animations! (Crouchwalk and Crouch)
It is not that you want of course.

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I found a way around that with your help. Thanks! However, for some reason the entire combat and enemy system broke shortly after :joy:

Can you precise the solution you choose?

I used this. It still does glitch sometimes, but it works better than before. Shortly after most of my external events stopped working so… I will try to make this one perfect after I fix the bigger mess.