Gdevelop deleted my "open recent" data

so when i normally start up gdevelop it usually auto recovers my file from where i last left off, but this time around it opened with nothing and when i tried opening via “open recent” my recent data was cleared. A quick cpu reset fix everything so its not a big, but i’m just curious to know if this or anything similar has happened to anyone else?

There is no feature that cleaning the “Open recent” list of projects in GDevelop.
If this has been cleared it’s something outside of GDevelop.
Maybe your document folder has been cleaned, or your Windows cache, etc…

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I have this happen if I open a project and already have an instance of the GDevelop editor running. The second instance of GDevelop editor has an empty recent projects list.

If I close all the editor instances and open up one instance of the editor again, then the recent projects list is back


Two instances of GDevelop at the same time never worked, especially with the same .exe

A tip: if you want two GDevelop open, download the version from the website (you already have this one), and download the version from the Windows store.
It will be seen as two different applications and they work independently from each other.
And voilà. No more conflicts, no more bugged theme, no more empty recent list.


O ok, just wanted to make sure there was no underlying problem. Thank you guys for the feedback :ok_hand: