GDevelop for Windows 7 32 bit

hello everyone, I’m a loyal Windows 7 user. However, when I try to install GDevelop on my computer, it can’t run. I understand the problem is about 64 bit applications, and I’ve got the 32 bit application from one of the forums here.
Now the problem is, the application that I got from the forum looks different from the latest update of my friends, Windows 10 users. Is there a new update for the latest GDevelop display that can run on 32-bit computers? Thank you.


32 bit operating systems are wholly unsupported. There is a community made release compiled for 32 bit windows, but updates for it aren’t maintained nor supported officially.

If it hasn’t been updated, it may no longer be maintained by the creator of that release.

You are welcome to ask in the thread for that release, but please do not make new threads in regards to it. With that in mind I will br closing this thread out.

Separately, please note that Windows 7 support is beyond end of life by Microsoft. This means you haven’t received any security patches since 2020 when the final patch was released. You are putting your computer and information at risk by remaining on Windows 7, and if compromised, you could be putting at risk anyone who plays a game made on your computer. Please consider upgrading to an operating system that still receives security updates.