GDevelop games get's stuck on loading on an android tablet

I am trying to figure out the specific reason why any GDevelop game gets stuck at the loading screen on an android tablet, namely Samsung Galaxy Tab Note 10.1 (N8020).

Now I know by default the android version is outdated but I have custom rommed it and as of now It has android 12. This might at first glance be like be like “The device is too old too support GDevelop” but this is not the case, because I have another older Samsung tablet, namely Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (P5110) where it loads and runs GDevelop games without issue on android 7.

So I’m wondering what is the exact reason why it gets stuck on loading and whether it’s a GDevelop issue or something else. I’m not exactly sure how to troubleshoot it and find the root cause so any help is appreciated!

Usually and as a web developer which you are when you are using GDevelop…
look in the browser console to see the error message you are getting.

but how would you do that on android for an exported game? I know there are android tools such as usb debugging though I’m not sure how to use that and whether it’s even designed for such an application.