Gdevelop IRC (chat) channel (unofficial)

Hi there,

I’ve created an unofficial channel for Gdevelop on Freenode.

You can join through web browser:

Or any IRC client (thunderbird, pidgin, and there are many other free clients too):

After connecting through IRC client to the network, just write this:
/join #gdevelop

I don’t have much experience in managing IRC chans, so if this becomes more popular than just myself, some help with management is also welcome.

Maybe you can say hello on discord :slight_smile:
We’ve some people connected


We need irc-logs to read all the speeches and communications, made it possible please,
And also i hope it become official

Hi and thanks for your suggestion.
Any idea for a free online IRC logging system?

Hey, I didn’t really know about it. Thanks for the notice. :slight_smile:

Sorry, i am not familiar with it, because i just read logs of Godot engine channel and i saw this feature. surely we can ask them, and as i follow their channel it is very very useful