GDevelop Lite Build

I think GDevelop takes much space (in the 300-400mb for me) even tho it isn’t that much code. I think the space is taken by

  1. Examples and more importantly their assets
  2. Some Built-In Extensions

So I think there should be an example less GDevelop Lite build, and maybe even on the download page options to also strip some extensions from the build, like physics 1. The examples would still be usable but not included, instead Downloaded from the same server as for the web-app.


Not sure if having 2 builds for this is worth it. Instead GDevelop could have something similar to some other engines and store the examples and templates online somewhere and let people browse and download examples and templates from within GDevelop to keep the initial download size small and let people decide which examples, templates and extensions they want to download and store on their computer. :+1:


Maybe as a first step, we could optimize the examples.
For instance, before I reworked the brick breaker, the image file used for the outer walls weighed more than 3MB :laughing:

Can you get a list of all the heaviest files? We’ll replace them with lighter ones :slight_smile:

Lot of examples use should use the same files.
And there is lot of useless sprite too.

To get started, I’ll recommend to use a disk space utility to create some budget:

  • what is the size of all examples?
  • what’s the size of other resources

extensions are a few kb and the cost of excluding them, maintaining a separate build, fixing bugs because users confused the two versions, update the wiki, update the website… is important.
Let’s start by improving what can be reduced.

I do not know if it is possible but it would be good if the examples were on a web server and were downloadable, so there is no need to create them within each build