GDevelop (Mac) - can no longer open any of my projects!

Hoping someone can point out something I’m doing wrong :frowning:

I’ve been using GDevelop on the Mac for a few months now, and created variations version of a game I’m working on.

Unfortunately, I can no longer open any of them! I’ve tried re-installing GDevelop - but the same problem.

  1. I get a screen saying “This project has an auto-saved version” I select either ‘Manual’ or ‘cloud’ (doesn’t matter)

  2. The 'We need your support! panel pops up.

  3. I click ‘Continue Anyway’

  4. I then just get text in the middle of the screen that says “Run a preview and you will be able to inpsect it with the debugger”.

(Also at the top of the screen it says “No preview running. Run a preview and you will be able to inspect it with the debugger”

Can anyone help? I will give you all the strawberries you can carry!

That just looks like you last saved the project after doing a preview (which is always true for autosaves) and the other scenes are closed

Click the project manager button on the upper left (white 3 lines/sandwich button) and then select one of your scenes from the list.

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Thanks for reaching out!

I just get a panel saying ‘Debugger is starting’… and the sandwhich button only seems to open some basic things - not scenes…


Found it!

Sorry - I appreciate I probs look a bit daft - but I’ve not experienced that before.

Really appreciate your help - was getting worried there.

Take it easy.

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