GDevelop Mobile

Acting basically the same as the online browser version and the pc version, but for mobile.

Would be nice to work on certain projects when you cant take your laptop or computer with you.

Will this ever happen and is it even possible. If so, will it behave the same as the pc version?

This is more or less in the works, there are every now and then changes that are made to make GDevelop more mobile friendly, but it is still a long way from a true mobile IDE.

Okay I’m happy to hear that they are at least trying to go in that direction.

But I think for now it is best left for pc’s to handle, since the average mid-range priced phones aren’t all that “meaty” when it comes to processing. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

If they could hopefully find a way to cramp better hardware into the limited size of mobile phones and find a way for the phone to not fry your hand while holding it, maybe something like this can go far.

But with the average cost and limitations of mobile phones, making big and complex projects on mobiles phones or tablets would be a painful process I assume.

Again, pls correct me if I am wrong!