GDevelop new experimental IDE

I can see that no one support the idea so I don’t want to insist any more on it use but I need to disagree on that it would be more difficult.

Instead of comparing to Stencyl and Scratch and other tools using Blockly (like) editor, I recommend to look in to Blockly itself because it is a lot more flexible than you might think.
The reality is, Blockly comes with a single block which is this:
And give you a set of tools to turn this block in to anything you want. Technically, all the blocks you see in Scratch and Stencyl are made out of this empty block using the tools Blockly provide. But the blocks doesn’t need to be like in Stencyl and Scratch, it is totally up to the developer to decide what the block is going to be like and what each block going to do and how each block interacting with each other (there are 5 ways to connect blocks and it can be different for each block).

Blockly can be made to be just as easy as the event editor using simple conditions and actions. Of course it would be different:
instead of click add event we need to drag 'n drop the event block in to the workspace.
instead of click add new condition and select the condition, fill in the parameters and click OK, we need to drag 'n drop the condition in to the event block and fill in the parameters right in the workspace.

I fail to see how it would be more difficult… Of course using Blockly for making an event system and use conditions and actions in a similar fashion would be not much better than the current system I don’t think it would be a good idea, but it could be done even in Blockly and I believe it tells something about how flexible Blockly is.

Scratch and Stencyl is not Blockly and Blockly is not Scratch and Stencyl.
Blockly is a visual programming editor offering the use of blocks and give you an empty block and set of tools to turn it in to just about anything you want. An if statement, a while loop, a mathematical operator, a variable, a function, a string or a condition or action. There are no limits…