Gdevelop pop up problem

I am new to gdevelop. I created game using gdevelop. I exported to local folder.
Now I am trying to edit index.html.
I am trying to insert a banner . But gdevelop is blocking it .
What is happening is this

What I want is this

Also image becomes non clickable on gdevelop.
Right now I am expirminating on gdevelop pre loaded project before incorporating on main game.
Can anyone tell me the reason of this ?
Is there any button on which I should click so that banner becomes more important ?

I guess you have a z-index issue. You should not edit your exported project unless you know what you’re doing. :slight_smile:
Why not insert the banner inside GDevelop? :thinking:

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Can I add html code in gdevelop such that it appears at the head of index.html in exported project ?

You can but I would advise you not to do it. If you chose to still do it and you break GDevelop on your computer it’s your problem.

You can go in the installation folder of GDevelop, then in resources/GDJS/Runtime. The index.html template used by the exporter is located here. You can modify it and exports will contain the modified version.

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Can I add javascript in gdevelop so that it appears in the head of index.html ?

It doesn’t hurt to try it I guess.

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Banner when clicked , should go to some other webpage which isn’t happening . Orientation of game was in middle for both desktop and phone . It has changed to left in desktop and up in phone .

This forum is for GDevelop.
If you want to make a clickable banner, you can do it inside GDevelop. Add your image object, and add a “Open URL” action when the object is clicked. You can change the z-order as you like.

If you want to make that banner outside GDevelop, you should go to another forum with HTML/js experts (stackoverflow, for example).

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I’ll take your recommendation.
I’ll also go through adding js script within gd panel and not try to edit index.html as that can create problem with z-index . We’ll see what works.