Gdevelop previews run really slow

Ever since I updated to newest versions of Gdevelop, my projects have been running really slow, what worries me is that when I created a quick build of the game, the lag was still present, there is almost no Lag in previous Gdevelop versions, how can I fix this? [FIXED, turns out there was a processor hog running in the background of my computer, which caused Gdevelop to lag a lot, after getting rid of it previews started working fine again.]

Hey, so I currently work on two machines with Gdevelop. The main one is an old Acer Chromebook from a decade ago running GalliumOS and the other is a midrange pc.

I have noticed that while my Chromebook does produce a slower preview than the PC when loading from my flash drive, my PC used to be slower when I was keeping my project online due to my internet speed being slower where I was using my PC. Could that be your issue?

The Issue doesn’t seem internet related, because when I created a zip build of the game, the lag was still present.

Ah man, sorry. I was hoping that was the issue for you. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will see the post.

Best of luck!

If you run it with developer tools on, what output can you see in the console tab (you may need to clear the output before you run in preview)?


  1. Please define “previous versions”. (Do you mean like, 5.2.160, or an ancient version like 5.0.98? This is important, because GDevelop switched to being WebGL focused a long time ago, and upgraded to newer versions of Electron (which have newer versions of Chromium), and older GPUs that don’t support WebGL/are blacklisted by Chromium will not work at full speed as they’ll revert to the older Canvas mode.)
  2. Check the developer tools as mentioned by Mr Men above, see if there are any red or yellow lines in the console.
  3. Run a debug preview from your project, and then run the profiler for 60 seconds, see what takes up the most render time. That’ll be an indicator of what’s taking up the most time for your project.