GDevelop Steam Group to help around greenlight campaigns

Hello there,

I took an initiative by creating a steam group for the GDevelop community.

I would like to propose anyone here on the forums to join the steam group, and act as a lobby on the steam greenlight : share infos and news about games made with Gdevelop, and vote for it on the greenlight.

Here is the adress of the group, it’s public :

Basically, it will a a place for actual and future steam greenlight game campaigns for “GDevelopers”. Feel free to join and take part in it, and share it with your friends. The more we will be, the more we will able to give visibility to our games.

The first project that i would like to help and promote is the Hyperspace Dogfights campaign by sleeper_service. This awesome game need our support :slight_smile:

About the name of the group, and the url on steam :
I reserved “GDevelop” because it wasn’t used. I’m the only admin, for now, but i don’t own any Gdevelop rights, so of course, I would be glad to give it to 4ian.
If needed, the url and the name of group can be changed at anytime.

I don’t want to get you down but people barely show interest and make comments on each other games here on the forum, why would anyone go to Steam to do that?

Also Greenlight is about to shut down this year. Unfinished, low budget hobby games are no longer going to be welcome on Steam and the chances of anyone going to make a decent commercial game in GDevelop worth discussion in your group (instead of the forum) is pretty slim in my opinion.

The group isn’t limited to greenlight, but you’re right that greenlight will disappear… maybe in 2 days maybe in 6 months or more (since 2014, valve announce every year that the greenlight system will be abandonned “soon”…). For now, short term purpose is to support the actual campaign in my opinion.

The group can be much more in the future : chat, advertising, public announces, closed alpha test, etc.

Steam group is less passive than a forum.