Gdevelop stopped working

Hi everyone!
I am unable to start gdevelop anymore. Nothing happens at all. It just freezes.

I am trying to run the latest version, beta89. I do not know where to start to explain. It just does not do anything, no blank screen, no interaction possible.

Running on Elementary OS. All up to date. Any clue would be great!


Ok, It does not work only from my SSD drive for some reason. Moved the folder to my home folder an now it works.

Still, I did not have to do this before…

Maybe some libs fail to load because of some permission issues?

Thanks for the tip.
Changed permission on the whole folder and it got me a step closer I guess. Got to the new game screen then it froze. And then the whole thing would not open anymore.

Anyway, it does work when I put the folder anywhere else. It bugs me because it used to work flawlessly, made several project like that on beta 87 and I did not change anything to my system since.

Got a new keyboard… maybe… gdev does not like the sweet clackyty-clack of the green switches? Perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, got it going again, so I don’t think I will spend much more time on this “issue”.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: