Gdevelop5 Issues? [Solved/Notified]

Im having issues with exporting project to APK as well as cant access the account/login page on the client?

is it just me that all out of no were that has the issue or is there more of you out there?

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This kind of problem sometimes occurs because the request URL has problems.
Most of the time this happens to people living in a country that blocks Google.
This problem can be solved by using a VPN.

well its never happend before, used it for a long time and it started today about 2 hours ago and worked perfectly before that ? and im using 1.1 DNS ?

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Oh no, sorry, I told you something wrong.
There are actually errors on the Amazon servers we use, so our services are not currently working.


oh xD β€œgood” though like hey used you for along time even pay for it and then thats like β€œwhaat” xD !

Thanks for the answer!
Any ETA on the issue with amazon servers? <3
Also i cant access the GDevelop Discord? – Snappeh#3552 ← not sure why O.o

Your account has been banned for spamming scam links.
I unban you until the next time.

Yes, we waiting all these services go back to the green.