Gem Hunter - my new game

Gem Hunter
[size=180]Graphics/coding:[/size] Dariusz “Darkhog” G. Jagielski
[size=180]Sound:[/size] little edition in audacity (adding echo)
[size=180]Music:[/size] Sosowski (guy who made SuperOfficeStress)/rinoaff33

Do you remember 3D Labyrinth screensaver from Win98? Well, I am making game version of it. The goal of every level is to find red gemstone. There are 14 levels ATM, but in full version there will be 50 of them, at least.

Game is similar both visually and in controls to Wolfenstein3D (made for purpose), but it has hi-res textures and few modern effects, like depth of field.

Controls is done using keyboard (arrows+space in order to collect gemstone) or joystick/gamepade (not implemented yet, but I’m working on it). Game will be commercial and it’ll cost $2.86



One of the levels (yes, all are similar and no, I don’t intend on changing this)

You have to find this on every level.

None, work in progress - it’ll be available on IndieVania and there will be a demo with few levels.

To get most recent news about development, follow me (@qvear) on Twitter.

Also I’m looking for betatesters that would get code 100% promotion code (a.k.a. free game).

Hey, is that gem a 3D mesh? How did you do that?

Blender. And this is not GD game, it’s Java.

Oh neat, you use Blender too, :smiley:. JavaScript is pretty neat, does using Java mean you can embed it in a web page?

Java and Javascript are two different things. And yes, it can be embedded as Java Applet, but wasn’t able to build one, so no.

:open_mouth: :confused:

Yes, even if the name is disturbing, Javascript is ( originally ) a scripting language interpreted by browsers while Java is a language runned by a specific program called “Java virtual machine”. These languages have basically nothing in common except their name. ( By the way, the formalized name of Javascript is ECMAScript )

Since you’re on web game develepment with Blender, maybe you should give a try to Unity3D. It’s free and quite powerful if you keep it simple (or you will chop your own head down from frustration). Unity can import .blend files with animations, and has several tool to build a fully interactive game world. It also has a web plugin.

…doesn’t work on Linux (even thru Wine).

There’s a Flash exporter… …But of course, it isn’t free. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, stay with Java. :laughing:
Or try the Blender Game Engine. Some (few) people get really good stuff out of it :

Well, I know BGE, it’s great, but I’ve found out that JME gives me higher FPS than BGE with same scene complexity (and yes, AFTER disabling, BGE’s 60fps limit). Plus with BGE you can’t actually sell games without quirky locking scripts, as according to BGE’s license, you have to publish .blend source file.

Also, Java is easier for me than Python, used in BGE and I generate versions of my game to all platforms at once (Lin, Mac, Win, and Android (BGE doesn’t support it)). So I’m happy with my current setup.

The Unity Web Player (in webbrowser) isn’t compatible with Linux.

Just for info, Unity 4 will have a standalone export feature for Linux. Apparently for free.

Even if, that still doesn’t mean there will be Webplayer for Linux.