Get a document from firestore use too much read and write

hello guys
i use “Get a document from firestore” and “Update a document in firestore” to read and write data in Firebase here is an example :

recently i noticed my Firebase show me an alert about write and read amount and this screenshot is lowest amount , sometime its rise up to 600K write in a day

i used “CTRL+Shift+i” to see whats going on , as i seen this methods, after sending data to Firebase, they continue contacting and they read and write too much , even after they done updating or loading an document , with no reason , here is an example

system continue contacting with Firebase “30.25 seconds” only for “243 B” data
i use “disable” and “re-enable” network for Firebase , but after few times, connecting to Firebase will be disconnect and user cant send or receive anything

its make a lot cost for me
please is there anyway to prevent such problem?
its looks like an bug , and shouldn’t be like this please someone help me

please someone help about this , it’s going to make unnecessary cost to me

should i mention someone or what? please someone answer me or if is there no way to fix , tell me please ,its going to make unnecessary cost to me

Please, have some pateince. People here help on their free time without getting paid and you are not entitled to an answer. If you want a fast and guaranteed answer pay someone for support.

In your events, you keep on sending the data every frame until the callback is set to ok. Put your second action in your first event instead to only write the data once.

You have not showed other events but you likely have done a similar mistake there as well.

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thanks for your reply dear @arthuro555
i did that before , but no change made i send some screen shots

here is result

more than 1 minute for 1.1 KB

i double check again with another pc and updated GDevelop , still i have same problem

Please when you have an free time check it if is that possible