Get a physics 2.0 object to detect collision with an object using built-in force?

I understand the physics 2.0 mechanism likes to interact with other physics 2.0 objects…I am hoping for a way for my 2.0 player object to detect a side-scrolling flag as a win condition.

You can use a detect and dellet method . Once your player touches the flag another scene will be loaded which will be of victory scene

Hi Starpack Gaming, thank you for your reply.

I tried using the Physics 2.0 Collision condition with Flag (no behaviors enabled) and Player (physics 2.0 behavior enabled) and it does not detect.

It does detect when I give the Flag the Physics 2.0 behavior, but implementing this behavior changes the built-in force action I used on the Flag.

Regular collision detection does not work when either objects has physics 2.0 behaviours.

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