Getting full-jump on gamepad

so im attempting to make gamepad controls and i’ve come across a few things that aren’t working properly(or more likely, im just not aware of the solution), one of the issues is that when i map the jump input to the gamepad, it only counts for the press at not holding the the button down, only allowing the character to short-hop and not preform full jumps, how do i get the character to full jump on gamepad?

Do you have trigger once in the event?
Because if not I have no clue. However, whenever I have a problem, its usually solved by restarting gdevelop(dont forget to save).

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Could you share a project to be able to reproduce your issue?

I am working on an update on the gamepad extension and I want to be sure that your report is an issue; if yes, I could give a try to fix it before releasing the update.

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Oh HI! srry, i just saw ur message, i found out the issue btw. The “Trigger Once” condition effects the key press input differently than the gamepad input. basically for a key input “trigger onces” still allows you to hold down the jump button for a higher jump while a gamepad button press only accounts for the initial input, ignoring whether or not it was held down or not. ironically inversing the trigger once condition specifically for the gamepad input fixed the issue. i hope this was helpful.