Ghost image on spawn bullet

As the title suggest, i am getting a ghost image of the bullet I am spawning. It looks a lot like it spawns the bullet at the wrong location, then after 0.05 seconds it proceeds with the rest of the code which happens at the right location, even though the create object action has the location in the code :face_with_monocle: Even weirder is that it only seems to do this for the first 7 bullets :crazy_face:

I tried adding code like “hide” at the start of the game, but none of the code works until the object is created. Is there something I am missing? How do i fix this?

The large shell on the left is the ghost image. The smaller bullet on the right was the previous shot fired which appears exactly as it should right after the ghost image dissapeared, and being spawned at the designated position.

Here is a video to further clarify the situation

My code:

Is this all the code? There isn’t any more?

In the scene in the editor, are there any bullets in the scene (confirm with by clicking on the ‘Open the list of instances’ image, top right of editor )?

Correct. This is all the code so far. There are no instances of the bullet in the scene. They are created just by code.

Hi, I just rebuilt a scene with your events and everything works without problems. So not sure what the issue is, but it has nothing to do with your events.

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I suppose I will rebuild the whole game and see if the problem persists