[Github #5837] Object sizes can be changed by holding down the Space key

With the Space key pressed, only the window contents should be able to be moved. Currently it is possible to change object sizes. This leads to accidental resizing.
By the way: Why does the left mouse button have to be pressed? Isn’t the space key basically enough to go into move mode? Inkscape and GIMP, for example, offer this functionality.

I was going to say that you can’t change the object selection while space is pressed but then I found out that you can accidently change the size or rotation. If you had a lot of objects, it would be easy to accidentally change something. IDK if disabling the ability to change the size/rotation while the space key is pressed is the fix or adding a different key or not requiring the left mouse button.


@Keith_1357: You are absolutely right. This is a bug. Do you want to post it as such? You’ve narrowed down the bug well and have a nice video to illustrate it. :+1:

That being said, I still maintain that it would be more comfortable if you didn’t have to press the left mouse button. I see no reason why this should be necessary.

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Welcome. I’m still not sure if it’s a bug or just designed that way. It’s either a bug or feature request. The Gdelop team usually go through and change the categories when they feel it’s needed.

I would say you have clearly discovered a bug - there is no doubt about that.
And the wish not to have to press the left mouse button at all is a feature request. Two postings are already appropriate? :wink:

I guess. I switched your catagory for you. They like things in 2 separate posts. This already has my post and screen recording. IDK if you want to change the title and maybe add an edit to the first post.

I have done it. Thank you, Keith.

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Hi Onomatopoesie, just so you know, it is also possible to move the screen content by holding down the mouse wheel. I learned this from @MrMen and it made things so much easier.


Thanks for sharing that. It’s nice. You can still accidentally resize an object while using what I believe is the middle button. My center/wheel button is pretty stiff. I rarely use it because it’s easy to accidently scroll when pressing it.


The middle button is not a comfortable option for me either. The bug should be fixed. And I still don’t see a sensible reason why the left mouse button has to be pressed additionally.

Hello y’all.
Thank you for your messages.

I had no knowledge of this feature or bug (I can’t either confirm wether is which).
I come from the visual arts (design) and indeed, all the softwares that I’ve used, do not allow the user to modify the size or rotation of the element.

Here is the example of the software that I used for UI design:

I will create an internal “UX bug” ticket with the following criteria:

  • To move around the canvas: the user holds “space” while uses the mouse to do the “dragging”
  • If the user keeps the space bar pressed, the cursor will not modify the size or rotation or any element (we can see the hand on the example)
  • As soon as the space bar is released, the edition posibilites are back to normal

*Note: I am using Mac’s “magic mouse” which does not have a wheel in the middle, but rather allows horizontal scrolls and swipes. Please ignore the horizontal navigation that I did at the beginning.

Waiting for your reply.

Hello Luni. Yes, as long as the space key is pressed, no resizing or rotation wanted to be possible. Furthermore, I think it is pointless that the left mouse button has to be pressed in addition to the Space key. As soon as the Space key is pressed, it is clear that the user wants to move the content. The movement of the window content could then be taken over directly depending on the mouse position. Examples of this are GIMP and Inkscape. This functionality is useful and user-friendly.


A Github issue has been created.
Here it is: Turning and resizing objects on scene remains possible even when spacebar pressed · Issue #5837 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

Thank you for your input!