Giving items to certain users. (What is the simplest way?)


I want to give items(or characters) in game to certain users.
(ex) supporters on Patreon)

I’ve been researching on this topic.
It seems quite complicated to do this I guess.

Is there simple way to make it work?? :thinking: :thinking:

(I’m planning to launch the game on Steam.)

Some of my ideas are;

  1. Integrating Steamworks / Steam API

This seems nice and appealing but I don’t think I can make this work. I know nothing about Javascript and I looked at Aruthuro’s ‘Steam API Guide’ and my brain almost exploded. :sweat_smile:

  1. Generate bunch of codes like ‘X35few68df4’ and give these to people and make them type it in game. Put all these codes to variable(?) and when the code is typed, check the code in the list and if there is one, give item.

I’m not sure this would work but if it does this wouldn’t be so hard. But this seems inefficient. Maybe I will have to update the game everytime there’s a new one on the list.

  1. Steam Cloud
    Modify data on Steam Cloud > mark certain users > if user is marked > give item in game

There is ‘Steam auto cloud’ and they say it is not difficult to set up but I’m not sure I can modify user’s data. So I dunno this will work.

  1. Firebase
    Mark users on Firebase >> if the user is marked >> give item
    If the Verified Email is in the list >> give item

I think Firebase might work well for this, although I dunno much about it.