Glitch in the events editor

The presentation/display of the events in the editor is weird. There are gaps between each events. Clicking on one of the events sets everything to how it should be. This glitch seems to occur external event sheets, though it appears for a brief instance for scene event sheets.

I’m using GDevelop 5.1.162 on windows 10

Here’s the glitched presentation (it’s emphasised by the gaps before and after the comments lines and the overlapping of the first subevent with it’s parent event):

and here’s how it should look.


I have the same or a similar problem. The glitch occurs for me when changing between external event tabs. No problem when changing from any other tabs. When I click, it fixes the problem. An interesting quirk is that if I reproduce the glitch conditions within 5-10 seconds of fixing it with a click, the interface is fine. This issue occurs in all of my game projects.

I am on GDevelop 5.1.164 on a Mac

Glitched presentation

Normal version

Yeah that happens alot to me but as I scroll or any other interaction it’s fixed itself, very annoying tho