Global Group not counted as "Existing" (SOLVED)

I have a global group called “bosses”, but for some reason, when I try to make an event involving it, it says it doesn’t exist. all objects in the group are sprites, so there should be no reason for the group to be excluded.

check if you have wrote it correctly.
also make sure youre group does contain ONLY sprites.
global object group animation change does work.

Just so it’s on record here as well: Global Groups usually require Global Objects to be functional for events. Object Groups containing Text Objects no longer selectable for Shadow Events if made Global - #8 by Gruk

but it should also work with non-global objects, when present in the scene.

That’s what I believe, too.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for how the engine works currently. As listed in the thread I posted, this is apparently based off how the engine is designed, although my thread does have potential changes that could be done.

I managed to fix it. I do hope that the engine will eventually be able to support non global objects in global groups. thanks for the help!:slightly_smiling_face: