GMTK Jam 2022 submissions

I’m surprised there is no community post for GMTK games made with Gdevelop. I made this and i hope some people will share their submissions to the GMTK 2022 jam here.

I made this game:

It ain’t much but I’m very proud for only 48 hours.

Here are a few GMTK games made with GDevelop I could find:

Oh, thank you i wasn’t looking for games mostly just wanted to have people out there games on here and have nice conversations about the jam.

Did you make one? I recall your G develop jam entry was very cool!

No, I was sadly unavailable for about 3/4 of the jam time and didn’t have the faith I could do something good in ~12h. Also, the game I had made for the gdevelop game jam was not made alone but in a team of 4, don’t give me too much credit for it :sweat_smile:

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Hey! :wave:

If you want to share or find GDevelop games from the GMTK jam, just tag you game with GDevelop and search for games with these filters on itch:

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That’s too bad you missed it! Personally i was not a huge fan of the theme so i almost wish I had missed it I’m excited for the upcoming G-dev jam though.

Thank you! I meant to tag my game and still should!