GPS authorization on Android - GPS Based Game

Hello all,
I am a teacher in a high school and I have just created an IT club.
With the students we are working on GDevelop and we would like to create a GPS Based Game, playable on android (apk).
We are using js code to retrieve GPS coordinates and it works fine on PC.
On the other hand, as soon as we switch to android smartphone with an apk, it’s impossible to obtain the GPS coordinates because we don’t have the necessary authorizations… and it’s impossible to modify the authorizations in the settings of the smartphone.
We are really stuck and we would really appreciate a little help to move forward.
Thank you in advance!

I believe you have received information on the Discord about this issue.
Please update this topic when you made progress.

As a workaround, I think you can get the GPS working on mobile if you use a Web build.

Hi Gruk,
Of course the GPS is working on mobile with a web build but I want to make it work with an app (apk).
I’ll update the topic if I can find any solution, no problem.

I think it’s all about adding the correct “pluggin” (to get the GPS authorization) before building the app with cordova.

This extension supports the GPS on mobile:

(Note that the callback variable will never be filled if location is turned off in the device’s settings, despite having the GPS permission)


Thanks Arthuro!
I’ll try to make it work on my mobile and give you a feedback. :+1: :wink:

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Hi! it looks like you can get the GPS extension to work. How did you do this please? Xanks :slight_smile: