Grabbing ledge functionality issue

It uses texture borders instead of hitboxes, which is just silly.

I had it all setup through hitbox hooks on the character and collision sensor because I started right before that update, but since I downscaled my textures I decided to do it the proper way, and here we are. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if character could walk on angled objects normally, because I wanted to have level geometry to be determined by those, but nope.

It’s kind of a mess, isn’t it?


The grabbing ledge tests the colliding platforms (so it uses the hitboxes). However, when grabbed, the platform moves the character to its top-left corner. This feature is quite new (from the last version) and certainly needs new features to be usable in many more cases.

All I know is that I have tiled texture boxes which perform as they should after I set the y offset on character right , and a textured platform which only can be grabbed if you manage to grab the corner of the texture, which is tricky, since character moves right through that point as there is no collision at that part. And then it hangs from the corner in midair. Y offset is 0 for both platforms.