Graphics Resolution

how I can get rid of shuddering or the corners of the little squares in the object?

If you rotate your object in the editor or through events this is happening. It is very obvious in case of lines.
The only way to avoid that - as far as I know - is to draw your sprite in the angle you want it in the scene. If you rotate an object through events and don’t like how it looks, you would need to make a rotation animation instead.

thanks . but This doesn’t happen while I’m working in the editor. It happens when I play the game. Then this is a static object I don’t use it to rotate.

Are you in full screen or windowed when you try it out in game? I get weird pixel issues when in windowed mode but if i fullscreen the game its fine. What resolution is your game set to?

mobile full screen … portrait (W= 1080 ; H= 1920)

You may need to have a resolution option in your games menu. Phones and tablets have different resolutions and having the game essentially stretch to a non native resolution can cause graphical issues. Look into what the resolution of the device your testing on is, and set the game resolution to that. See if the issue persists.

ok … thanks.I have several ways to try it