Taking inspiration from such flash games like Gravitex, Attractor and Gravitee 2, Gravicannon will feature several levels (more than 25) of gravity space action.

Basic concepts (will be also featured in optional Tutorial-type levels):

  1. Normal balls are destroyed upon collision with planet
  2. Bounce balls bounces 3 times from planets, then on 4th collision are destroyed.
  3. Warp balls phase through planets and blackholes/white holes, but still are affected by their gravity
  4. White holes pushes balls and items away.
  5. Player cannot go into black hole, if he does, level failed (only affects Normal and bounce balls).
  6. Player has to push coins, diamonds and rubies into black hole to get certain score goal in specified amount of time.
  7. Rubies need to go through red portal before entering black hole.
  8. Level is finished when score goal is met.
  9. Warp and bounce balls have limited ammo and are only available on certain levels.

Some screens (note that there are not actual levels as most game logic are not written yet, although all the graphics are final):

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Good, I’m waiting to test it. :slight_smile:
But I don’t understand the goal.

Interesting !
I think the goal is to put the ball in a kind of hole for get points ?

@Colin, nope. You’ll need to put enough coins, rubies and diamonds to black hole. At first, they’re static objects not affected by anything, then when touched with any ball they will start to gravity towards black hole (items won’t be affected by gravity of other planets, but white hole will push them away). Also there will be time limit for each level.

You’ll lose if:

  • Time is up and you didn’t reach score goal
  • Ball will hit blackhole (doesn’t include warp balls as they’ll go through blackholes and planets, but they’ll be very rare)

The second condition is for making sure that player won’t fire 1,000,000 balls hoping he/she will reach goal. This is puzzle game, not brute force game.

Don’t worry if you still don’t understand, though. There will be interactive tutorial.

I’ve made significant progress over engine. In few days I hope to release tech demo with few levels. Therefore I can safely give approximately release date: Dec, 22nd.
//edit: Added new screen to the OP.