Gravity Switching

there’s this game called Mohawk & Headphone Jack. in the game, you can run around on walls (like sonic) and stuff
so I want to do that

how do I do it though? like, do I do it like triggers? or it automatically does it.

i am slightly new to GDevelop. i have some experience in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 so there’s that

edit: I am also a master at Scratch

i mean like running up a hill

Yes, a negative number in the gravity field inverts the gravity (for example, 1 gives normal full gravity and -1 gives inverse earth gravity so with an angle of 90°)

PS: Ben, me also i had a little experience with Multimedia Fusion 2. I can help you to migrate to GDevelop

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you should probably look up gameplay of MoHawk And Headphone Jack to see what i am talking about

You truly think it’s to us to see what is the gameplay of unknow games!
I don’t mean to be impolite but you’re the one with the request, not us!

Can you give more precisions about what you exactly want?

i want that if you touch a wall at a certain velocity you can run up it