Grid Options - Settings for the whole project

Before indicating whether this is a mistake or is it done on purpose, I start a topic in the section “How do I…?”.

If you specify values in the grid settings window, they will be saved only for the current scene. When switching to another existing or new one, the settings will be set to default (or previously set when a scene is selected). As a result, for each scene it is necessary to configure its own grid settings and modes (Show Mask, Show Grid). Isn’t it logical to have these settings for the entire project?

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While I do think that giving a possibility to change the project wide default would make sense, i do not think that modifying it on a scene should impact the other scenes. Many projects may have some levels/menus that use different grid settings and i think changing it each time you edit another scene is worse than changing it each time you create a scene

You can add a “Custom” switch, if it is set, the settings for the current scene are remembered. For the rest (not installed) use the general setting. By default, this checkbox is disabled.
This is an implementation option to keep this functionality.